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  • So bushcraft is better then survival?
    Yes it is, I want you to be able to Thrive not just Survive out in the bush, because survival is well surviving and that sucks. I don't run courses where I throw you out inthe woods and let you see if you can make it. I teach Bushcraft, and modern survival.
  • I want to get ready for the Zombies and Nuclear War are you the guy for me?
    Nope, sorry I don't teach that stuff.
  • What do I need?
    I'll sort you out with a kit list if you need anything, but almost always you'll need a knife, something for fire, some cord, something to put coffe or tea in, writing material and a great attitude to learn!
  • What is Bushcraft?
    This my friends is something that has alot of debate as of late, but this is how I see it. Bushcraft is the art of seeing the bush around you and using it to make your life better. An example of this is to be able to look at the birch tree, and know that it is superior tinder, but it can also provide materials for containers, and food, shelter.
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