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Courses and Workshops

Basic Survival

In this Basic Survival Course, we go over pre-trip planning,  What you should always carry. Your basic Survival Priorities and then we'll do some hands-on with shelter and fire.

1.5 Days  with an Overnight.


Fire Lighting Workshop

This half-day workshop is all about fire! I'll teach you how to start fires even when mother nature is difficult. We'll go over everything from matches to Bow Drill.


Intermediate Survival

In this intermediate course, we'll brush over the basics,  But we'll spend much more time on shelter, fire, water, and knife skills. This course will be 1.5 days with an overnight.


Shelter Workshop

In this Shelter workshop, I'll go over Natural and Man-made shelters. I'll teach you the basic knots needed to put up your shelter and how to be comfortable in the woods!


Couple's Course

Do you and your spouse love the outdoors? Do you want to be more comfortable in the outdoors? Do you want to be safer campers and be able to rely on each other in in the bush? Than you should pick this! 

1.5 days with an Overnight


Spoon Carving Workshop

Ever wanted to carve your own spoon? Do you want to look like a "real" bushcrafter? You need a wooden spoon! In this workshop, I'll teach you how to carve your own spoon! Successful candidates will leave with a spoon they carved, those not successful will get woodchips!



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