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Here We Go!

So I thought I would share my thoughts on things, but before I start let you be warned! I'm not a writer, and sometimes only I'll know what I'm talking about. But if you like blogs maybe you can leave helpful comments.

So why Bushcraft? Because survival sucks! When I looked for a name years ago I was watching Ray Mears and he kept talking about bushcraft. I thought that looks way better then surviving. I have endured a lot of crappy times, and "survival" type situations and they sucked. But bushcraft looked so much better, first there's this guy with a few extra pounds, out on the land, eating whatever was in arms length and using all of the forest to do what ever he needed. I thought hey that guy isn't all crazy and drinking his own piss, this guy must have a clue.

I was really lucky, I fell into the right place and time to learn Bushcraft in central Alberta. I took a course at Karamat Wilderness Ways in 2013 and I met 3 awesome people that have helped me so much in my path moving forward. David my event partner in Frostbite! is a total professional, and one of the most moral men I have ever met. So if David would tell me the sky was pink the sky was pink, and I could trust him to that point. Kelly, is a genius, always thinking and innovating, generous with his skills and knowledge. The last our Mentor Mors, he is the textbook from which we all have read, and try to learn, because we know how important that knowledge is.

So what is Bushcraft? In a very simple sentence it's being able to look at the forest as a toolbox, and knowing how to use every one of those tools. From Medicine to shelter, from fire to water. I hope you stick with me and we can learn together.



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