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New YouTube Videos

Hey folks I just wanted to let you know that I made some new YouTube videos, a quick one on the quickest way to get firewood in the boreal forest, The Next is what to do when you're lost and the Stop Acronym, the last on Man made survival shelters.

In the last video I use a Mylar Blanket. I've seen this in so many survival manuals and I see it being used wrong. So I wanted to finish that thought here. So the way the Mylar blanket works is it reflects your body heat back to you the heat source. So your body produces about the same amount as a common candle, so not a lot, unless we put on some strain. So I sat on a log in -2C with a T-shirt, Mylar blanket, and thin wool button up shirt. (you can see in the video), I tucked the Mylar into my pants as it was long enough and so it effectively covered my core, and my crotch. Anyone who knows alittle bit about our body knows that the area covered is important for heat loss. So I sat there not moving much and made my lunch and messed around for about an hour, and was warm, my feet weren't but the rest of me was good. So the next test was to walk around for about 15mins and see if I over heated. Again I was ok, my arms where starting to feel the cold but I was comfortable. The last test I put my pack on and hiked out in the snow for about 3 KM. By the time I got back I was hot, in fact the last 500M I was so hot that I was going to take it off. So what did we learn? Well the way to use that "blanket" is close to skin, and we can get that reflective heat back to us, but it's also like being wrapped into a plastic bag, so it doesn't breath letting that moisture created out, and as Les Stroud says if you sweat you die! (maybe not that bad Les, but I guess anything for good TV)

So I hope you go over to YouTube and watch my videos, also the reason I made these was because I got a request for information on these topics, I don't have a huge YouTube account and following, but I hope it helps someone out there!


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